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Go Green – The Future is Solar Panels

The Future May Be Powered By Solar Panels

Solar panels were a new entry in the main power generation industry just a few decades ago in Australia. Today, the power generated through harnessing solar energy keeps growing. There is indeed a bright future in solar panels.

It no doubt that energy needs around the world keeping growing, and it all could, in principle, be powered by a single unlimited source the sun. The steady growth and evolution seen in solar power is why the future look so promising. It all start with finding a way of harnessing the power of the sun, and this is why solar panels probably will be around for a long time to come.

Current high power panels use the photovoltaic technology that employs the use opaque, dark, heavy silicon panels. However, research is still being done to come up with other better solar panels that will not be a rigid as the photovoltaic ones. Science into light physics investigation ways of enabling a single photon of light to split into two electrons is one of the big steps take in the right direction. On the other hand, the use of low power-demanding lights such as LED also greatly increases the prospects of a global shift to the use of solar panels in the coming future.

On a small scale level, harnessing the power of the sun seems economically viable especially is areas of domestic use. On the flip side, use of the same power on a large scale level such as powering up multi-million dollar manufacturing industries is still a huge challenge. It nonetheless is one that seem possible to overcome in the near future if more research goes into harnessing solar energy.

In as much as this stands true, the drop in solar panel prices has given rise to a higher appreciation of solar power. Medium scale use of solar power such as in street lighting, parking lighting, and in small industries is more affordable and economically sustainable thanks to growth in solar power technology. At Solar Panels Melbourne we have seen solar panel prices fall in line with statics which show that these major strides have led to a great drop on solar power prices with the costs dropping to excess of 75% since 2008.

Given such statics and the rate at which better equipment and development of high capacity solar panels and solar cells, the US might see a drastic shift in energy demands. Solar power might take up more than 15% of the electricity demand in small and medium scale use by 2020. More about the future of solar energy can be found here. That may even grow by another 15% by 2030. If the standards stay on an upward track then solar power might take up half of the electricity demand by 2050.

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